127th TRS: Week 6

July 22, 2014

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Week 6 began with  89 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy Sunday evening.

This week, Water Safety kicked off with an introduction to the training Tank.  Each recruit will find something that challenges them significantly during their time in recruit school at the Training Academy.  Many troopers will tell you that they found their challenge in the Tank.  Recruits will have to dig deep to successfully navigate this  demanding training.

Recruits continued their instruction in legal issues with laws of admissions and confessions during their morning sessions this week.  Recruits also continued classes in First Aid, Defensive Tactics and Firearms.  Additionally, recruits received a presentation by the Autism Alliance of Michigan about autism awareness.

In Physical Training, the recruits received their first dose of ‘stairs and chairs.’

Week 6 ended with 88 recruits released for weekend furlough.


127th TRS: Week 5

July 18, 2014

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Week 5 began with 89  recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.

During the course of the week, the recruits continued to receive instruction in First Aid, Defensive Tactics, Firearms and legal issues covering crimes against persons and property.   Recruits received presentations from the Office of Behavioral Science about fear management and the Auto Theft Unit about auto theft investigations. The recruits also independently participated in their first traffic stop scenario during Patrols and Report Writing class.

Although a quarter of the 127th Trooper Recruit School has been completed, there is still a long road ahead.  Each day, recruits will continue to be challenged and pushed out of their comfort zones.

Week 5 came to a close with 89 recruits going strong.

19th MCRS: Week 5

July 16, 2014

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Week 5 of the 19th Motor Carrier Recruit School began with 12 recruits returning from weekend furlough.  With the first Legal exam completed, recruits have become engrossed immersed in understanding the laws they will be enforcing as motor carrier officers.  Insp. Dave  Greydanus,  Insp. Matt Bolger, Mr. Scott Rothermel and Mr. Steve Beatty instructed the recruits in areas of Property Crimes, Civil Rights Laws, Juvenile Law and Weapon and Contraband Crimes.  Inspector Greydanus continued to instruct the recruits using new and more interactive methods.  Recruits  were broken into groups, given a topic to research, and required to present their research to the class.

Each morning, the recruits’ rooms,  equipment and the recruits themselves are inspected by training staff members.  Starting this week, each recruit’s weapon will be inspected for cleanliness to ensure proper functionality.  This inspection procedure occurs every morning for the entirety of the recruit school.  Based on the results of the inspection, recruits are given either verbal warnings or incentive training if a violation is found by one of the inspecting officers.

Along with receiving various instruction in Patrols,  the recruits experienced their first practical examination in making a traffic stop and arrest. Recruits were tested on traffic stop techniques, radio communication and proper arrest techniques of a subject for driving with a suspended license. Recruits were required to utilize proper handcuffing and searching techniques followed by a thorough search of the suspect’s vehicle.    Recruits had  to properly complete a Michigan Commercial Law citation and document their actions and arrest of a subject from their Patrols scenario.

In Defensive Tactics, the recruits got their first look at the “foot chase drill,”  which is designed to physically exhaust the recruit before engaging in a physical altercation with a subject, teaching the recruits not to give up when they are tired.  To add to the stress, all the lights are turned off while  overhead lights and sirens are activated throughout the drill.  Each recruit got the chance to act as an officer and a suspect throughout the drill so everyone experienced the full effect of the drill.

Week 5 ended with 12 recruits being dismissed for  weekend furlough.




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