126 TRS: Week 14

April 16, 2014

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On Sunday afternoon, 86 recruits returned to the Training Academy to begin the first full week of April. April marks the department’s 97th birthday and the MSP is rich in tradition and proud of its history. The contribution the MSP has made to provide the highest quality law enforcement and public safety services throughout Michigan is immeasurable. As members of the MSP, the recruits are now part of that history. Soon they too will be working hard to provide service with a purpose to the citizens they serve.

The MSP is dedicated to reducing the number of injuries and traffic deaths on the state’s roads. One way of doing that is through drunk driving enforcement. This week the recruits received classroom instruction on alcohol enforcement, which included lectures on OWI law by D/Sgt. Mike Church. The recruits also received instruction on standardized field sobriety tests and received preliminary breath test training from Sgt. Perry Curtis. Once the recruits are working the road, they will take the instruction received and use it to help make our roadways safer.

In Defensive Tactics, the recruits were exposed to the effects of chemical spray. When chemical spray is used, the effects are often felt by police officers. After being sprayed in the face, the recruits had to accomplish a series of tasks ending with the arrest of a suspect. The recruits continued to receive instruction in Patrols, Firearms, and First Aid. They also attended classes on warrant preparation taught by D/Sgt. Chris Corriveau. Through continuous instruction in these core areas over a 21-week period an individual is transformed from a recruit to a MSP probationary trooper.

At the end of Physical Training on Friday, the recruits were granted the privilege of having a guidon. A guidon is a small flag used to represent a military unit. For this class, the guidon signifies the 126th Trooper Recruit School. It is an honor to have and carry a guidon. The guidon will accompany the recruits to Physical Training and their classroom instruction so long as the recruits retain that privilege. Long after the 126th Trooper Recruit School ends, the guidon will remain to represent the men and women who were part of this recruit school.

At the end of the week, 86 recruits were still standing ready to face the challenges that still lie ahead.

126 TRS: Week 13

April 7, 2014

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Eighty six recruits returned Sunday night to start Week 13. The recruits have additional motivation with the realization that graduation is next month. Although there are still eight weeks of training remaining, graduation day will soon be here.   

The recruits received additional instruction in traffic crash investigation from Lt. Gary Megge, Sgt. Allan Avery, Sgt. Kevin Lucidi, and Tpr. Chad Lindstrom. They were then given the chance to put that training to use while being dispatched to a scenario involving a personal injury crash. The weather made the scenario more realistic due to rain and cold temperatures. Weather conditions such as these are often faced by troopers while conducting traffic crash investigations.

Training this week was coordinated with the MSP Special Operations Division. The recruits were allowed to accompany an MSP canine team during a simulated tracking exercise. MSP handlers and their canines work extremely hard to help serve the citizens of Michigan whether running a track to locate a missing child, locate a suspect who has fled from a crime scene, or search for narcotics and explosives. During training, the recruits experienced firsthand the expertise needed when tracking a subject.

In Firearms, recruits continued training with their primary firearm. They were also introduced to a long gun weapon platform, the Colt M4 rifle. In Defensive Tactics, the recruits received training involving defense against edged weapons and vehicle extraction techniques. The recruits continued training in Patrols involving both felony traffic stops and building search techniques.     

At the end of Week 13, the 126th Trooper Recruit School had 86 recruits accounted for.

126 TRS: Week 12

March 31, 2014

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For the fourth consecutive week, 86 recruits returned on Sunday night for Week 12. Each week has been a challenge, and Week 12 was no different. The recruits are now over halfway through recruit school and steadily progressing toward graduation. March is almost over, and the month of May–the month the recruits complete their recruit school training–will soon be here. The recruits still have much to learn and prepare for before being assigned to a post and working in the field. They have yet to earn the privilege of donning the uniform of a Michigan State trooper.

The recruits continued to receive academic instruction. This week the recruits received a full day of instruction from Spl/Lt. Gary Megge on conducting traffic crash investigation, identifying evidence from traffic crashes, and how to collect such evidence. Insp. Mary Pekrul provided instruction in cultural awareness and diversity. The recruits were also introduced to the Canine Unit by Sgt. Dave Yount and the Aviation Unit by Sgt. Jerry King, which are units within the MSP Special Operations Division. Additionally, the recruits continued to receive instruction in the areas of Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Patrols.  

Scenario training provides the recruits with the opportunity to respond to, investigate, make decisions, and complete reports that are very similar to calls for service handled by troopers in the field. This week the recruits were tasked with completing another scenario involving a larceny. A critical component of the scenarios is the dozens of men and women who volunteer to assist as actors. Their participation is critical to the success of the scenario training. From the perspective of a veteran law enforcement officer, the scenarios are very realistic and extremely beneficial to the development of the recruits. The Michigan State Police is grateful for the time and effort of the volunteers who assist with scenario training.  

Week 12 ended with 86 being release for weekend furlough.


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