127th TRS: Week 20

October 28, 2014

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Eighty recruits returned to the Training Academy for Week 20.

Recruits of the 127th Trooper Recruit School continue to be very busy though graduation day is quickly approaching. The recruits participated in several hands on exercises, earned new freedoms and equipment, and received their Class B Uniforms this week.

On Monday and Tuesday, the recruits went to Cooley Law School to participate in a mock court testimony scenario.  Several recruits were chosen to provide testimony on a report they’d completed during a scenario earlier in recruit school. The recruits also completed Quick Action Deployment (QUAD) training, which provides techniques during an active shooter response.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the recruits completed a crucible where they were tested on everything they have learned throughout their training at recruit school.  The crucible included 28 hours of scenario-based training.  The recruits responded to canine assistance, active shooters, building searches, breaking and entering, domestic assaults, civil disputes, riot control, and a variety of other complaints.  Following the crucible, the recruits received their MSP collar brass and post collar brass after a short motivational speech from the 127th Trooper Recruit School Commander Sgt. David Sosinski.

Week 20 ended with 80 recruits present and accounted for.

19th MCORS: Week 19

October 23, 2014

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Week 19 began with 11 recruits accounted for.

Over the last 19 weeks, the recruits have been tested and challenged in a multitude of ways. Physically, academically and mentally, these recruits have proven that they possess the strength of character that is vital for a successful career with the Michigan State Police. This is the last week of recruit school and the recruits have finally reached the goal they have been striving for. Nothing in the training academy is given, everything is always earned. Every part of the recruits’ uniform has been earned through their hard work and perseverance. On graduation day, the new officers finally earned their badge and the title of a Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Officer.

Week 19 ended with 11 motor carrier officers graduating from the 19th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School.

19th MCORS: Week 18

October 23, 2014

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Week 18 began with 11 recruits accounted for.

During the last full week of training before graduation, the recruits received instruction in a variety of areas. The week began with Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). The recruits are proficient in First Aid, however this training focuses on neutralizing the threat they are engaged while also rendering aid to themselves or a fellow officer. In their last week of Firearms instruction, the recruits qualified with their revolvers.

In the classroom, the recruits received instruction on responding to hazardous materials incidents. The recruits have been issued safety gear to protect themselves if they should ever come into contact with such an incident. The recruits have also learned the operation of the department’s 800 MHz radios, which the recruits will use every day during their shift for the rest of their MSP career. The radio is one of the most important tools an officer carries while on patrol.  The radio keeps an officer a button touch away from being in contact with not only dispatch but also fellow officers that may be needed as backup.

Week 18 ended with 11 recruits being released for weekend furlough.


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