19th MCORS: Week 11

August 29, 2014

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Week 11 began with 11 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.

This week began with instruction on how to  complete a UD-10 Crash Report.  Tpr. Scott Carlson instructed the recruits on incidents when a motor carrier officer will be required to complete a crash form and the proper procedures for completing the form.  The 19th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School is the first class of motor carrier officer recruits to receive UD-10 Crash Report training.

In Patrols, the recruits were required to put the Standard Field Sobriety Test they learned last week to use by completing a mock traffic stop.  This scenario required the recruits to observe the signs of a drunk driver and take appropriate actions to determine if the driver was in fact driving under the influence. The recruits utilized the horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn, and the one-legged stand tests to determine the driver’s impairment.

During Defensive Tactics, the recruits were given TASER training by Sgt. Barry Schrader.  Recruits received instruction on the proper use and technical aspects of the TASER.  The recruits were then required to assess different situations to determine if the use of the TASER was appropriate.

Week 11 ended with 11 recruits released for weekend furlough.

127th TRS: Week 11

August 28, 2014

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Week 11 began with 84 recruits reporting to the MSP Training Academy on Sunday evening.

The recruits spent the majority of Week 11 divided into squads as the class continued to rotate through training from the Precision Driving Unit.  Many recruits look forward to these lessons because up until this point, their only exposure to the track was during morning Physical Training.

Squads not assigned to the drive track responded to a domestic violence scenario where recruits worked in pairs to work through a volatile situation.  Domestic incidents are among the most dangerous situations for law enforcement officers.  These scenarios provide the recruits with an opportunity to see how they will respond to emotionally charged situations.

Week 11 also introduced the recruits to the “red man” suit during Defensive Tactics.  The “red man” suit is a protective outfit worn by an instructor that allows the recruits to practice their techniques at full force.  During this exercise, recruits worked through a variety of scenarios where they had to demonstrate quick thinking, appropriate decision making and proper techniques.

This week the recruits also had the opportunity to meet with and interview retired members of the department who were eager to share their experiences and wisdom with the recruits.

Week 11 came to a close with 83 recruits released for the weekend.

19th MCORS: Week 10

August 22, 2014

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Week 10 marked a significant milestone for the 19th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School.  The recruits participated in an MSP tradition of running to Davis Pond where they rescue a drowning victim as part of a scenario. This is a challenging scenario that many department members remember experiencing during recruit school.

The recruits were also exposed to cold water conditions during Water Safety.  A human exposed to frigid waters will experience hypothermia 25 times faster than being exposed to air of the same temperature. At the end of the week, the recruits practiced rescuing a victim from a submerged vehicle in the Tank.

In Firearms, recruits began qualifying with their service pistol.  Recruits can earn shooting badges of sharpshooter, marksmen, expert, or distinguished expert.  Soon the recruits will be training with their other duty weapons.

In Patrols, recruits continued conducting traffic stops to sharpen the tactics they previously learned.

Week 10 ended with 11 recruits being released for weekend furlough.


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