127th TRS: Week 4

July 8, 2014

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Week 4 began with 89 recruits returning to the Michigan State Police Training Academy.

Even though the week was shortened due to the holiday, the recruits faced a busy week filled with many challenges. Upon their return, some recruits completed an open swim practice in preparation for the upcoming weeks of water safety training. Recruits continued to learn about laws on search warrants and also received instruction on the E-Daily system, AICS, and LEIN systems.

Every morning, the recruits’ rooms, equipment and the recruits themselves are inspected by the training staff. During the inspection process, recruits are inspected for orderliness, cleanliness, military demeanor, room appearance, knowledge of recently learned material, and understanding the of Michigan State Police chain of command. Each recruit’s weapon is also inspected for cleanliness to ensure proper functionality. This inspection procedure occurs every morning for the entirety of the recruit school. Based on the results of the inspection, individual recruits may be warned if infractions are minor or receive incentive training if infractions are repeated or more severe.

Week 4 came to a close with 89 recruits.

127th TRS: Week 3

July 3, 2014

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Ninety recruits returned to the Michigan State Police Training Academy on Sunday evening to begin Week 3 of recruit school.

The recruits are beginning to realize that the academic demands and expectations of them are very high.  In the mornings, a full schedule of classroom instruction included lessons covering Civil Rights and Human Relations, Michigan Vehicle Code, Constitutional Law, Court Functions, Civil Law and Search Warrant Laws. 

In the afternoons, the recruits continued their training necessary to become state troopers.  One area of extensive training in recruit school is Firearms.  Sgt. Ted Therrien and staff from the Ordnance Unit provided instruction in the safe handling and use of firearms.  To ensure the recruits learn proper techniques, instruction began covering the basics and will advance going forward.  Each recruit will become proficient in the use of firearms as they progress through recruit school.

The recruits also interacted with Gov. Rick Snyder and Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue during instruction in Patrols this week.

Week 3 finished with eighty-nine recruits present and accounted for.

19th MCORS: Week 3

July 1, 2014

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On Sunday, 12 recruits returned to the MSP Training Academy to begin Week 3 of the 19th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School. The recruits were introduced to various aspects of law as it pertains to commercial vehicle enforcement. Mr. Steve Beatty instructed the recruits in Court Functions and Civil Law and Insp. Matt Bolger taught Constitutional Law. Insp. David Greydanus also instructed the recruits in Search Warrant Laws and Warrantless Searches.  In these classes, the recruits learned the exceptions to the search warrant rule.  Inspector Greydanus has implemented a new style of teaching never used before at the MSP Training Academy. In this pilot program, it is now the recruits’ duty to research various legal topics and present their findings in front of their classmates.

Recruits also received instruction in First Aid and Patrols.  The recruits were taught safety techniques and how to perform an initial assessment and secondary assessment on a patient and/or victim. These concepts and techniques help lay the foundation and prepare the recruits for several scenarios they will participate in as the academy progresses.

Patrol techniques introduced the recruits to handcuffing and searching techniques as well as making their first of many traffic stops throughout the academy. Recruits were shown the proper way to handcuff and search individuals, and the importance of both when it comes to arresting subjects.

As every week before, the recruits were challenged at 5:30 a.m. with physical training. The only difference this week was the introduction of physical training in the Tank.  Training staff put together nine stations of exercise circuits in and around the Tank to challenge the recruits both mentally and physically. The Tank will be used in various aspects and this is definitely one the recruits will become familiar with.

Week 3 ended with 12 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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