19th MCORS: Week 8

August 6, 2014

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During Week 8, the recruits completed their first Water Safety practical. The practical required the recruits to run through the halls of the Training Academy to the Tank, creating a realistic stressful environment. Once they entered the Tank, recruits swam the length of the Tank twice while members of the training staff acted as frantic family members of the drowning victim. Recruits were then expected to retrieve the unconscious victim and pull him or her to safety while maintaining proper spinal immobilization.

In First Aid, the recruits practiced wound dressing and splinting. First Aid training is important because the potential of being the first unit to respond to the scene of an injury is very high. Troopers must be able to treat victims at the scene of an injury until medical personnel arrives. In the classroom, recruits received instruction on how to recognize dangerous drugs and meth labs.  The recruits also received instruction on the Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) law and the Medical Marijuana Health Act.

Week 8 ended with 12 recruits being released for weekend furlough.

127th TRS: Week 8

August 6, 2014

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Eighty-six recruits returned for Week 8.

The recruits of the 127th Trooper Recruit School have successfully completed another week at the Training Academy.  Each recruit has received detailed instruction covering domestic violence response, on-scene investigations, and suspect identification procedures. Instruction also continued in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Water Safety, and First Aid.

On Tuesday, the recruits participated in their second Patrols practical.  During the practical, the recruits responded to a complaint of retail fraud.  The recruits interviewed the complainant, victim, and suspect.  The scenario concluded with the recruits completing an official report on their actions.

As Water Safety continues, many recruits have learned that they can push themselves further than what they originally believed. The recruits received classroom instruction  and hands-on experience on how to respond to an active drowning victim during scenarios.  Recruits also continued instruction on weapon retention during Defensive Tactics. .

Week 8 ended with 86 recruits present and accounted for.

19th MCORS: Week 7

July 30, 2014

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During Week 7, recruits were introduced to the Water Safety program. Recruits received instruction on various dives, jumps, strokes and rescue techniques that will be utilized throughout their careers in water emergencies. While on patrol in the state of Michigan, officers are never more than six miles away from a body of water. It is imperative that the recruits are well-trained on how to respond to a water emergency, whether it’s to help a potential drowning victim or to save themselves if they are in a life-threatening situation.

In Defensive Tactics, recruits practiced the ‘back-to–back’ drill, where two recruits sit on the ground, back-to-back and a training firearm is placed on the ground between them. On the instructors command, the recruits turn and scramble to gain control of the weapon before their classmate. This exercise emphasizes the importance of weapon retention. Recruits must be aware that in every situation they respond to there will be at least one weapon present–their own.  Recruits are beginning to realize that weapon retention is important, as their weapon is only theirs as long as they have possession of it.  It is vital that the recruits remain in control of their weapon at all times.

Preparing for their qualification shoot, recruits continued training on the range this week. Depending on the amount of points the recruits accumulate during qualifications, they will receive a shooting badge that will designate them as a sharpshooter, marksmen, expert or distinguished expert.

Week 7 ended with 12 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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