19th MCORS: Week 12

September 8, 2014

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Week 12 began with 11 motor carrier officer recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.

In Defensive Tactics, the recruits were faced with a challenge most have been dreading from the beginning of the recruit school; the exposure to chemical spray. After exposure, the recruits were required to complete obstacles designed to simulate real life situations that may occur after an officer has been exposed to the chemical spray.

During Patrols, recruits were instructed in and required to successfully complete high risk stops and building searches. Recruits were taught the proper way to safely execute traffic stops where the subject is wanted on felony warrants and/or the traffic stop has been brought on by a high risk situation. Members of the Michigan State Police Emergency Support Team came in to instruct the recruits on the proper way to search a building. Other areas of instruction during Patrols involved shot avoidance and officer survival.

During Week 10, recruits conducted traffic stops involving several different aspects of traffic enforcement. Each recruit was then required to complete the traffic stop and follow up with proper enforcement, whether it be in the form of a citation or arrest. Recruits then were instructed to complete a citation and/or incident report. This week, the recruits traveled to Monroe County Court and were required to testify on those same stops. Recruits took the stand in both formal hearings and informal hearings in front of Judge Terrence Bronson and Magistrate Dean Walters. This was a good learning opportunity for the recruits and helped stress the importance of attention to detail and note taking on each and every traffic stop.

In Firearms, the recruits received training and instruction on the use of a long gun. The recruits learned the different stances to hold and shoot the rifle in order to successfully qualify the course  with each duty firearm before moving on the next stage of firearms instruction.

Week 12 ended with 11 recruits dismissed for their Labor Day Weekend furlough.

127TRS: Week 12

September 8, 2014

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Week 12 began with 83 recruits reporting to the MSP Training Academy on Sunday evening.

The recruits continued to rotate through their training from the Precision Driving Unit.  The squads that were not on the drive track this week handled a domestic violence scenario where the recruits worked with a partner to investigate the incident.  During the domestic violence scenario, the recruits interviewed the suspect and victim and checked the scene for safety and evidence. Week 12 also included instruction on traffic crash investigation, the proper completion of the UD-10 form and preliminary scene investigation, locating and identifying witnesses and vehicle inspection.

Week 12 concluded with 83 recruits released for the weekend.

19th MCORS: Week 11

August 29, 2014

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Week 11 began with 11 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.

This week began with instruction on how to  complete a UD-10 Crash Report.  Tpr. Scott Carlson instructed the recruits on incidents when a motor carrier officer will be required to complete a crash form and the proper procedures for completing the form.  The 19th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School is the first class of motor carrier officer recruits to receive UD-10 Crash Report training.

In Patrols, the recruits were required to put the Standard Field Sobriety Test they learned last week to use by completing a mock traffic stop.  This scenario required the recruits to observe the signs of a drunk driver and take appropriate actions to determine if the driver was in fact driving under the influence. The recruits utilized the horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn, and the one-legged stand tests to determine the driver’s impairment.

During Defensive Tactics, the recruits were given TASER training by Sgt. Barry Schrader.  Recruits received instruction on the proper use and technical aspects of the TASER.  The recruits were then required to assess different situations to determine if the use of the TASER was appropriate.

Week 11 ended with 11 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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