125 TRS: Week 3

June 4, 2013

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The recruits returned to the Training Academy Sunday night 76 strong and ready to begin Week 3.

The recruits have a demanding schedule this week and every week in recruit school.  After physical training and breakfast, they were in the auditorium for classroom instruction until noon.  The recruits then moved into their respective squads for Firearms, First Aid, Defensive Tactics, and Patrols/Report Writing.  The recruits are quickly realizing the demands and expectations have been set very high.  They must be totally committed, have self control, ability, and heart to successfully complete the training and obtain the rank of trooper.

This week the recruits received classroom instruction in Constitutional Law, Michigan Vehicle Code, Court Functions & Civil Law, Laws on Search Warrants, and Warrantless Search.  The recruits continue their training in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, First Aid, and Patrols/Report Writing.

This week also marks the first full week of live fire on the range.  Sgt. Ted Therrien and his staff from the Ordnance Unit – Tpr. Rose Ford, Tpr. Randy Servia, Tpr. Keel Stine, Tpr. Rich Capling and Tpr. Matt Warzywak – will teach the recruits safe handling and use of firearms from the ground up with the five fundamentals of shooting, starting with stance, grip, breathing, sight alignment/sight picture, and trigger control.  They will also learn to draw their weapons efficiently, quickly, and as safely as possible.

Week 3 ended with 74 recruits being released Friday night for weekend furlough.

125th TRS: Week 1

May 20, 2013

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At 5:00 a.m., Monday, May 13, 2013, with reveille, the first week of a 21-week Trooper Recruit School began.  The 80 recruits have many challenges before them.  They will be challenged academically, physically, and mentally.

The recruits were first welcomed to the Michigan State Police Training Academy by Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue.  Sgt. Kandyce Herr then instructed them on the recruit school rules and regulations covering personal appearance, daily schedule, duty hours, and rules of conduct. The recruits received introductory instruction in Firearms from Sgt. Ted Therrien, Report Writing from Tpr. Todd Price, Patrols from Tpr. David Winters, Defensive Tactics from Tpr. Barry Schrader, First Aid from Tpr. Sosinski, as well as beginning Military Drill. Ms. Lynn Leggett from the Office of Behavioral Science talked with the recruits about stress management and interpersonal skills. Insp. Phil Schertzing (Ret.) gave the recruits a lesson on the 96-year history of the Michigan State Police. The recruits were also issued their side arms, Sam Browne belt, and computers.

Tpr. Jason Byrd and staff put the recruits through the first of three Physical Performance Profile tests, and the first of two physical agility tests that they will take before completing the 21-week recruit school.  On Friday at 5:30 a.m., the recruits stood at attention on the ramp and waited to enter the gym to experience their first day of physical training.  Trooper Byrd and the physical training staff will accept nothing less than a 100 percent effort from each recruit.

On Friday evenings, the recruits are released for weekend furlough to return Sunday evening.

The first week ended with 80 recruits present and accounted for.

18th MCORS: Weeks 8 & 9

December 28, 2012

The recruits were introduced to the unique Michigan State Police water safety program last week, and as their training becomes more in-depth during weeks eight and nine the recruits practice real-time scenarios designed to emphasize realistic situations in a controlled environment. The recruits are required to show their proficiency in using all of the techniques learned so that when responding to a water emergency they are confident in their ability to survive.

The recruits continued their First Aid/First Responder training where they learned the proper techniques for dressing wounds, applying tourniquets, splinting broken bones, and stabilizing spinal injuries.  Motor Carrier Officers never know when they might be the first responders to an accident scene and their training now may save motorist’s lives later.

In addition to first aid, the recruits continue their strenuous physical training each morning here at the MSP training academy. Recruits are also continuing to develop their skills in firearms fundamentals, defensive tactics, and patrol techniques.

The 18th Motor Carrier Officer Program continues to accelerate with the physical and mental demands of training pushing each of the recruits. Every step of the way the recruits will be required to meet the high expectations set by their training staff and the department.

Week 9 ends with 13 recruits being released Friday night for weekend furlough.


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