20th MCORS: Week 6

November 23, 2015

Week 6 began with 17 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.

This week is the portion of training every recruit looks forward to—getting behind the wheel of a “Blue Goose” on the MSP drive track.  The recruits received classroom instruction throughout the week before putting the rubber to the road on the drive track.  During precision driving instruction on the drive track, recruits received training in defensive driving, evasive maneuvering, controlled braking, precision maneuvering, skid control, off-road recovery and performance driving.  The recruits practiced the techniques in daylight and in darkness.  The week concluded with a comprehensive driving examination covering all of the skills they learned.

This week during physical training, the recruits were introduced to the legendary “stairs and chairs” workout.  The physical training staff turns a simple metal folding chair into a great workout the recruits will never forget.  This workout incorporates push-ups and leg lifts and combines them with the element of a folding chair and seven flights of stairs.

Week 6 ended with 14 recruits being dismissed for weekend furlough.

20th MCORS: Week 5

November 23, 2015

The echo of recruits marching filled the halls of the MSP Training Academy as Week 5 of the 20th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School began.  Eighteen recruits returned from weekend furlough and began to demonstrate that they could march as a class.

The recruits were introduced to the Motor Carrier Safety Act of 1963, which lays the groundwork for enforcement when inspecting commercial vehicles.  The recruits also received legal instruction on crimes against property from Mr. Steven Beatty of the MSP Legislative and Legal Resources Section.

Each morning, the training staff inspects the recruits’ appearance, room and issued equipment.  Starting this week, each recruit’s weapon will be inspected for cleanliness to ensure proper functionality.  Based on the results of the inspection, recruits are given either verbal warnings or incentive training if a violation is found.

During defensive tactics, the recruits continued with subject control methods and practiced rear takedown methods.

Lessons in patrol techniques continued with the first graded practical examination in making a traffic stop and arrest.  Each recruit was expected to successfully make a traffic stop using techniques taught in patrol car placement and radio communication, followed by successfully arresting a subject for driving with a suspended license.  Recruits were required to utilize proper handcuffing and searching techniques and complete a subsequent report describing the events and actions taken.

Week 5 came to a close with 17 recruits present and accounted for.

20th MCORS: Week 4

November 12, 2015

To being Week 4 of the 20th Motor Carrier Officer Recruit School, 18 recruits reported to the MSP Training Academy.

The recruits received intensive instruction on Michigan’s Law Enforcement Information Network and the Michigan Public Safety Communication System.  This training will allow the recruits to complete queries on computer networks and communicate via radio with public safety members across the state.  Recruits continued their legal instruction on Michigan motor vehicle code and warrantless search and seizure.  Recruits have been exposed to a large amount of legal information and will apply this newly gained knowledge on examinations and patrol scenarios.

This week, recruits completed their first patrols practical examination by making a traffic stop and completing a fugitive arrest.  Each recruit was responsible for completing a traffic stop using techniques taught in patrols class including patrol car placement and radio communication.  Recruits were required to utilize proper handcuffing and searching techniques followed by a thorough search of the suspect’s vehicle to complete an arrest on a subject for a fugitive warrant.  The information gathered during the traffic stop was used to form a proper incident report.  In conjunction with the incident report, recruits were instructed on how to properly complete a citation following an arrest.

Recruits continued to receive training in first aid, firearms and report writing.  The firearms staff continued intensive training with the recruits firing hundreds of rounds to hone and improve their firearm skills.

The recruits are beginning to work together as a team; however, it is still early in recruit school and they will face many challenges over the coming weeks.

Week 4 ended with 18 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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