128th TRS: Week 17

July 1, 2015

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Sixty-two recruits returned to the MSP Training Academy for Week 17 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

This week, the recruits received classroom instruction in incident command, weapons of mass destruction, terrorism awareness, and emergency preparedness. These classes prepare the recruits for emergency response to chemical and biological warfare should the need ever arise. Instruction also included interview procedures, computer crimes, and radio communications. Additionally, the recruits were given a presentation by the MSP Canine and Aviation units.

One squad of recruits was transported to the Potter Park Zoo to participate in a community service activity. While at the zoo, recruits spent their time cleaning up debris from the recent severe thunderstorm and repainting areas that were damaged.

The recruits were also put through an exhausting fatigue course in defensive tactics this week. The course is designed to push the recruits to exhaustion and force them to come out on the successful end of two physical altercations.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly Friday afternoon. The recruits were all seated in the auditorium and called up one by one by MSP Director Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue to receive their post assignment. This is the most exciting time for the recruits, as they have been waiting for their assignments since day one of recruit school.

Week 17 concluded with 62 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 16

June 24, 2015

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Sixty-four recruits returned to the MSP Training Academy for Week 16 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

This week the last squad finished training on the drive track. The recruits have demonstrated their proficiency in handling the Blue Goose and will move on to their next phase of training. Achieving proficient driving skills are an essential part of recruit training because as troopers they will be behind the wheel nearly every day of their career.

This week, the other two squads concluded training in firearms, defensive tactics, environmental crimes, and explosives. Defensive tactics staff continued training in dynamic scenarios, as well as an environmental inoculation drill. This drill teaches the recruits how to perform proper defensive tactics maneuvers in adverse conditions. Firearms staff again transported recruits off-site for training with rifles and shotguns.

The recruits also finished with night scenarios this week. These scenarios are vital to recruit training because they allow the recruits to experience traffic stops and calls for service at night. The last two squads were put through the OWI practical scenario and had to show their proficiency in Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST).

Week 16 concluded with 62 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 15

June 24, 2015

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Sixty-five recruits returned to the MSP Training Academy for Week 15 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

Each squad was rotated into a new set of classes this week. Recruits who were previously assigned to the drive track were brought inside for instruction in preliminary breath testing, standard field sobriety testing, and forensic interviewing. Recruits from those classes moved to the drive track, and the remaining squad received instruction in firearms, defensive tactics, explosives, and environmental crimes. Defensive tactics staff conducted dynamic scenarios and the firearms staff took the recruits to an off-site location for rifle and shotgun instruction.

The recruits were put through an array of scenarios this week. Practical scenarios included those related to fire emergencies in which they had to complete a smoke-filled obstacle course and extinguish a vehicle on fire.  Recruits also completed scenarios at night, learning how to handle traffic stops and dispatched complaints in low-light situations. This training is vital to the development of the recruits, as they will likely be working at night at some point during their careers.

The final scenario this week involved an OWI traffic stop. The recruits utilized the training they received last week to effectively initiate a traffic stop, articulate indicators of an intoxicated subject, perform sobriety tests, and make an arrest.

Week 15 concluded with 64 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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