128th TRS: Week 7

April 21, 2015

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Seventy-four recruits reported to the MSP Training Academy for Week 7 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

Morning instruction continued with civil rights law, laws on suspect identification, public order crimes, civil process, on-scene preliminary investigations, and crime scene search. Demands of the recruits continue to increase as the class progresses through recruit school.   The recruits’ knowledge base keeps expanding as they learn more and more of what it takes to become a trooper.

The recruits were put through a strenuous week of practical exams. Each recruit received a radio transmission to report to the training tank for a water emergency scenario. The recruits were then required not only to make a water rescue, but to do so while maintaining spinal stabilization on an unconscious victim. Training continued with a retail fraud scenario, where each recruit had to conduct an investigation from the initial complaint stage through making an arrest. Each recruit had to make sure to conduct proper interviews in order to meet elements of the crime. Conducting interviews and completing investigations are crucial skills each recruit must master for their career as a trooper.

The class was broken into squads each afternoon for instruction in firearms, water safety, first aid, and defensive tactics.  Firearms staff introduced the recruits to shooting prone, as well as close quarter combat drills. In addition to spinal stabilization, the water safety staff put the recruits through underwater vehicle submersion.  Each recruit practiced swimming to a submerged vehicle and removing the occupants trapped inside. First aid instruction included treating soft tissue injuries and responding to mass-casualty incidents utilizing the incident command system.

Week 7 concluded with 72 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 6

April 13, 2015


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Seventy-seven recruits reported to the MSP Training Academy to begin Week 6 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

During the morning classes, the recruits continued to receive legal instruction from D/Sgt. Chris Corriveau on laws of admissions and confessions. Recruits were then assigned  to Sgt. Mike Church for instruction on contraband and regulatory crimes.

In addition to the demanding academic expectations this week, the recruits also faced two of the many practical exams they will be expected to complete proficiently.  These practical scenarios and exams require the recruits to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained thus far during recruit school.

The first practical involved a traffic stop and arrest, which is a potential scenario the recruits could face when they become troopers.

The second practical involved a CPR scenario. Each recruit must proficiently perform CPR and rescue breathing for an adult, infant, and child.  First aid skills are used by troopers, and are a vital aspect of law enforcement that could save a life.

The recruits finished Week 6 with a physical training workout that has been a historical part of many previous recruit schools. Sgt. Michael McDonald led the class in their first session of stairs and chairs. This exercise requires nothing more than a metal chair, yet is known throughout the Michigan State Police as one of the most grueling workouts performed by recruits.  Many people believe that chairs are only for sitting, but the recruits learned that they can be utilized for so much more.  They may not have an entire gym of equipment available, but this workout shows the recruits that even with limited equipment, one can still participate in an excellent workout.

Week 6 ended with 74 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 5

April 7, 2015

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Week 5 began with 79 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy from weekend furlough.  The rhythmic echo of the recruits marching with pride thundered through the hallways of the Academy.

This week, the recruits received legal instruction from D/Sgt. Chris Corriveau and Michigan Assistant Attorney General Scott Rothermel covering search warrants, warrantless searches, search procedures, crimes against property, and juvenile law.  The recruits must retain this information, as they are tested on the material each week and will have to use it throughout their careers as Michigan State Police troopers.

Each afternoon, the recruits were broken into squads and received instruction in firearms, defensive tactics, report writing/patrols, first aid, and reported to the tank for their first water safety class.  The department requires each recruit to pass rigorous training in the tank and proficiently demonstrate they can survive in a water emergency.  In Michigan, one is never more than six miles from a body of water so it is important for troopers to be sufficiently trained in water safety.

Week 5 came to a close with 77 recruits present and accounted for.


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