126 TRS: Week 13

April 7, 2014

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Eighty six recruits returned Sunday night to start Week 13. The recruits have additional motivation with the realization that graduation is next month. Although there are still eight weeks of training remaining, graduation day will soon be here.   

The recruits received additional instruction in traffic crash investigation from Lt. Gary Megge, Sgt. Allan Avery, Sgt. Kevin Lucidi, and Tpr. Chad Lindstrom. They were then given the chance to put that training to use while being dispatched to a scenario involving a personal injury crash. The weather made the scenario more realistic due to rain and cold temperatures. Weather conditions such as these are often faced by troopers while conducting traffic crash investigations.

Training this week was coordinated with the MSP Special Operations Division. The recruits were allowed to accompany an MSP canine team during a simulated tracking exercise. MSP handlers and their canines work extremely hard to help serve the citizens of Michigan whether running a track to locate a missing child, locate a suspect who has fled from a crime scene, or search for narcotics and explosives. During training, the recruits experienced firsthand the expertise needed when tracking a subject.

In Firearms, recruits continued training with their primary firearm. They were also introduced to a long gun weapon platform, the Colt M4 rifle. In Defensive Tactics, the recruits received training involving defense against edged weapons and vehicle extraction techniques. The recruits continued training in Patrols involving both felony traffic stops and building search techniques.     

At the end of Week 13, the 126th Trooper Recruit School had 86 recruits accounted for.

126 TRS: Week 12

March 31, 2014

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For the fourth consecutive week, 86 recruits returned on Sunday night for Week 12. Each week has been a challenge, and Week 12 was no different. The recruits are now over halfway through recruit school and steadily progressing toward graduation. March is almost over, and the month of May–the month the recruits complete their recruit school training–will soon be here. The recruits still have much to learn and prepare for before being assigned to a post and working in the field. They have yet to earn the privilege of donning the uniform of a Michigan State trooper.

The recruits continued to receive academic instruction. This week the recruits received a full day of instruction from Spl/Lt. Gary Megge on conducting traffic crash investigation, identifying evidence from traffic crashes, and how to collect such evidence. Insp. Mary Pekrul provided instruction in cultural awareness and diversity. The recruits were also introduced to the Canine Unit by Sgt. Dave Yount and the Aviation Unit by Sgt. Jerry King, which are units within the MSP Special Operations Division. Additionally, the recruits continued to receive instruction in the areas of Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Patrols.  

Scenario training provides the recruits with the opportunity to respond to, investigate, make decisions, and complete reports that are very similar to calls for service handled by troopers in the field. This week the recruits were tasked with completing another scenario involving a larceny. A critical component of the scenarios is the dozens of men and women who volunteer to assist as actors. Their participation is critical to the success of the scenario training. From the perspective of a veteran law enforcement officer, the scenarios are very realistic and extremely beneficial to the development of the recruits. The Michigan State Police is grateful for the time and effort of the volunteers who assist with scenario training.  

Week 12 ended with 86 being release for weekend furlough.

126 TRS – Week 11

March 27, 2014

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Week 11 started with 86 recruits returning to continue training to become Michigan State Police troopers. This week is significant as it marks the midpoint of the 126th Trooper Recruit School. The recruits know they have less time remaining in their training than what they have already completed. Although they are halfway through, there is still much work to be done. During the second half of recruit school, more will be expected of the recruits than during the first half.

This week, the recruits had a unique opportunity to develop their preliminary witness interviewing skills with the help of 26 retired MSP members who volunteered their time to assist in the training of the recruits. Each recruit was required to interview one of the retirees and compose a memo about the retiree’s career with the department. The assignment gave the recruits experience conducting an interview, as well as the opportunity to continue developing their report writing abilities. This training also extends a sign of respect and appreciation to the retirees for their years of service and was also rewarding for the recruits as well. It was an honor to have retired members of the MSP at the Training Academy to pass on their knowledge and experience. The participating retirees are listed below.

The recruits also received training in documenting the use of force, prisoner care and treatment, First Aid scenarios, and the completion of traffic crash reports. In Patrols, the recruits were required to respond to a scenario involving an incident of domestic violence. The week ended with a full day of Defensive Tactics during which the recruits received instruction on the use of the Taser.

Week 11 ended with 86 recruits present and accounted for.

The following retirees volunteered their time:


Retiree Recruit School
D/Lt. John Fiedler 56th Trooper Recruit School
Lt. Jerry Allaire 58th Trooper Recruit School
Sgt. William Nowicki 64th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. William Diekema 69th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. Marshall Morris 73rd Trooper Recruit School
F/Lt. Richard Schoenberger 73rd Trooper Recruit School
F/Lt. Mark Sowers 83rd Trooper Recruit School
D/Lt. David Gentry 83rd Trooper Recruit School
D/Lt. Jon Klousterhouse 84th Trooper Recruit School
F/Lt. Terry Harris 84th Trooper Recruit School
D/Lt. Mitchell Price 84th Trooper Recruit School
Sgt. Jeff Reem 85th Trooper Recruit School
Insp. Michael Morenko 86th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. Charles “Rick” Pherson 86th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. Mark Warner 87th Trooper Recruit School
Insp. Phil Schertzing 91st Trooper Recruit School
Insp. Robert Muladore 92nd Trooper Recruit School
Sgt. Beverly Long 93rd Trooper Recruit School
D/Lt. Ken Daniel 95th Trooper Recruit School
F/Lt. Charles Loader 95th Trooper Recruit School
Capt. Gary Nix 96th Trooper Recruit School
Lt. Tim Riegle 96th Trooper Recruit School
Insp. Dan Bateman 97th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. Harold Falan 98th Trooper Recruit School
Tpr. Michael Moorman 104th Trooper Recruit School
Harold Cole MSP Central Records





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