20th MCORS: Week 9

December 21, 2015

Week 9 began with 14 recruits returning to the MSP Training Academy for another week of intense training.

The week had a very exciting start with the recruits taking part in the first fitting of their department issued uniforms.  This is another step toward their ultimate goal of becoming a Michigan State Police motor carrier officer.

This week, the recruits received legal instruction in laws of suspect identification, contraband, regulatory crimes, and crimes against persons.  The recruits continued training in firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, and water safety.  Firearms staff provided the recruits training on the qualification course, while defensive tactics instructors taught each recruit ground-fighting skills.

Patrols staff put the recruits through traffic stop scenarios and other practical exercises.  Recruits performed a traffic stop involving a driver found to have a warrant for their arrest.  The subsequent vehicle search revealed a loaded and stolen handgun under the driver’s seat.  The recruits are exposed to more extensive and difficult scenarios as they progress through recruit school.

The recruits also performed a practice exam in water safety this week.  Each recruit was faced with a fellow recruit who was acting as a drowning victim.  Recruits were expected to successfully perform a water rescue and deal with a panicked victim.

Week 9 concluded with 14 recruits being released for weekend furlough.

20th MCORS: Week 8

December 8, 2015

Fourteen recruits returned to the MSP Training Academy for Week 8, following the long holiday weekend.

During the week, the recruits completed their first water safety practical where they had to rescue an unresponsive victim.  The recruits retrieved the unconscious victim and towed them to safety while maintaining proper spinal immobilization.

In first aid, the recruits practiced wound dressing, splinting and using a backboard.  While working on busy freeways, the potential of being the first unit on scene of an injury accident is very high.  Recruits must be able to treat injuries and stabilize patients before emergency medical services personnel arrive.

Recruits continued legal instruction in the areas of admissions and confessions, civil rights, public order crimes and civil process.  The class also continued to receive instruction in defensive tactics, firearms, report writing and ASPEN inspection software.

In patrols, the recruits participated in courtroom testimony scenarios.  Each recruit completed two traffic stops, which will lead to court appearances where they will have an opportunity to defend their enforcement actions.  The recruits will testify during an informal hearing with a magistrate and a formal hearing with a judge.

Week 8 ended with 14 recruits being released for weekend furlough.

20th MCORS: Week 7

December 2, 2015

Week 7 began with 14 recruits returning from shortened furlough.

On Saturday, the recruits reported to the Chrysler Proving Grounds to practice high-speed driving skills.  Recruits were exposed to high-speed driving and had to adjust to varying reaction/stopping distances when driving at high speeds.  They were tested further when a snowstorm occurred and they had to rely on their newly learned driving skills to maintain control of their vehicle.  The recruits were released after completion of training to return late Sunday afternoon for a shortened training week.

During the week, recruits were introduced to the water safety program.  They will receive instruction in various dives, jumps, strokes, and rescue techniques that may be used throughout their careers during water emergencies.  While on patrol in the state of Michigan, officers are never more than six miles from a body of water.  It is extremely important that recruits train not only on how to save a potential drowning victim, but to understand their personal limits during water-related situations.

The recruits continued to increase their knowledge of the motor vehicle code, laws on crimes against property, and defensive tactics.  The recruits completed a shortened training week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week 7 ended with 14 recruits being released for the holiday and weekend furlough.


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