128th TRS: Week 10

May 14, 2015

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During Week 10, the recruits received instruction covering child abuse investigation, suspect ID and Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP), dangerous drug and meth, domestic violence, and crime victim rights law.

The recruits also continued with classes in firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, and water safety. Firearms staff continued to familiarize the recruits with the qualification course.  Water safety concluded this week with cold water submersion.  During this exercise, the recruits gained an understanding of the effects cold water has on the body.  They also learned how to use their uniform as a flotation device to survive in open water.

Patrols staff put the recruits through another practical test this week. Each recruit responded to a larceny from a building where an employee had money and an iPod stolen.  The recruits had to photograph evidence and lift latent prints they found at the scene.  These are steps they will need to take while conducting investigations as troopers.  The recruits continue to be exposed to different scenarios as they progress through recruit school.  The recruits also received instruction on how to respond and investigate a domestic violence situation.

The recruits also participated in two events this week.  At the beginning of the week, the recruits attended the Fallen Trooper Memorial Ceremony held at the MSP Training Academy.  This service paid tribute and honored those department members who made the ultimate sacrifice while providing a service to the citizens of Michigan.  On Thursday, the recruits traveled to the state Capitol for the Midnight Torch Run.  This was a five-mile run to support Special Olympics.  The MSP and other law enforcement partners are regular supporters of Special Olympics. This was an opportunity for the recruits to learn about service and being involved in community outreach opportunities.  Many friends, family, and department members attended to show support and participate in the run.  The recruits are nearing the halfway point of recruit school but are reminded daily that they still have many challenges ahead of them.

Week 10 ended with 69 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 9

May 5, 2015

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During Week 9, the recruits received instruction in laws of evidence and crimes against persons. Domestic Violence Advocate, Ms. Natalie Kuch, provided instruction on the nature and prevalence of domestic violence, as well as domestic violence response.   Troopers often encounter domestic situations and it is very important for them to have a clear understanding on how to respond to domestic violence incidents.

The recruits also continued classes in firearms, defensive tactics, first aid, and water safety. Firearms staff continued to familiarize the recruits with the qualification course, while defensive tactics instructors taught each recruit about the mechanics, skills, and practical application related to weapon retention.

Patrols staff put the recruits through another practical exam this week. Each recruit performed a traffic stop scenario where the driver was found to have a warrant for their arrest. After completing the arrest, a vehicle search revealed a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat. The recruits are consistently being exposed to more and more information as they progress through recruit school.

Additionally, the recruits performed their final practical exam in water safety this week.  During the scenario, each recruit faced a victim who was actively drowning.  Recruits had to successfully perform a water rescue and respond to a panicking victim. The completion of this rescue is a huge milestone for the recruits as they are learning that they are capable of doing more than they ever thought they could.

Week 9 ended with 69 recruits released for weekend furlough.

128th TRS: Week 8

April 27, 2015

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Seventy-two recruits reported to the MSP Training Academy for Week 8 of the 128th Trooper Recruit School.

Week 8 covered lessons on crime scene investigations. The recruits attended classes on crime scene search, processing property, recording the crime scene, and collecting/preserving evidence.   These investigative skills are necessary in order for troopers to complete their duties as criminal investigators.   When the recruits become troopers, they will be required to conduct their own investigations from start to finish. Patrols staff also introduced the recruits to domestic violence response, as well as response to crimes in progress and alarms.

The class was divided into squads for afternoon instruction in water safety, defensive tactics, first aid, firearms, and report writing. During water safety, the recruits were introduced to water rescue carries, as well as how to respond to a panicking victim. First aid staff covered traumatic injuries, as well as bandaging and splinting wounds. The recruits were then exposed to the first steps of the qualification course in firearms. This is a course they must successfully complete in order to graduate from recruit school.

On Thursday, each squad practiced the skills they learned in class about evidence collection.  Mock crime scenes were set up throughout the academy and each recruit had to document, collect, and preserve various evidentiary items.   Once the recruits have the basic knowledge and skills, every attempt is made to make the training as realistic as possible so the recruits can apply their new knowledge and skills.  These mock crime scenes provide that opportunity.

Week 8 ended with 72 recruits released for weekend furlough.


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